I Miss the Innocence I’ve Known

New Years usually feels like much ado about nothing. The New Year feels just like the old year so celebrating often seems pointless to me. But this New Year was different.

It began like a bad dream. We were up at 6 am on New Years Day, fighting tears as we wished our best friends a safe trip and a happy new life in Oregon.

We went back to sleep, but when we woke up again, we suddenly realized how different – how empty — our lives would be without them.

Oregon isn’t very far, of course, and friendships last. But their move changes our lives in small but significant ways. We can’t meet up just for dinner or just because. We can’t pop over to babysit their son, if needed; in fact, we’ll miss his latest developments, his new words and interests.

Our friends’ move is just one of many changes this year. My cousin and her husband will be first-time parents before asparagus is back in season. Two of other friends hope to be pregnant by next Christmas. A friend is wedding planning and others are house hunting. By the next New Year, my sister may be in SF, the first time in 14 years she and I will live in the same City.

These are all expected, positive changes, but in these first few tentative days of 2008, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the way it was before, nostalgic even for the way things are now.


One Response to “I Miss the Innocence I’ve Known”

  1. The Hogless Says:

    Well that would be nice if your sister was in town… it’s too bad about your friends moving though. We had finally made some good friends in town and then they had to pick up and leave too.

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