Have Yourself a Handmade Holiday

What could be more meaningful this time of year than something that is made by hand?

It’s easy to mistake “handmade” with an elementary school project or the sort of gifts only a parent could love, handmade these days is often quite refined. Many handmade items now are as nice nicer than what you’ll find in stores (and they aren’t made in sweatshops).

I like to buy handmade goods all year round, but the holidays are an especially good time to support independent art and design, since most handmade holiday items offer a truly fresh take on the same old holiday staples.

xmassmlstump.jpg Consider this terrific silk-screened Happy Holiday print by Pacifica-based Small Stump. It’s festive and there’s not an elf in sight, plus it’s art and holiday decor in one affordable purchase. (The pic, at left, is from the Small Stump Etsy shop).

Christmas cards are another way to send art and good cheer this year. Mr. WholeHog is making our Christmas cards for the second year in a row, but even you don’t have a super crafty guy in your life, you can still send Christmas cards that are works of art. Etsy has lots of options. (These cards, by local SF artist Lisa Congdon, are gorgeous in person. Check them out at Rare Device).

The Christmas tree is my favorite holiday decoration and there are lots of ornament options. You can hang snowflakes, a moose, recycled records, or if you’re like me, you may find bacon and egg ornaments the perfect holiday addition to your tree.

Everyone wants their presents to stand out and independently designed gift wrap is sure to be unlike anything Santa wraps. This year, I’m considering wrapping gifts in recycled newspaper, but adding these gift tags.

There are also lots of great handmade gift options (it will have to be another post). In the meantime, check out the handmade gift guide at Design*Sponge.


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