Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year

So much about Christmas is uninspiring.

The decorations are often atrocious – particularly the combination (common in the area where I grew up) of plastic Santas and snowmen, logically placed next to a manger (!) on the front lawn. The music can be excruciating. And, of course, what would Christmas be without hitting the mall at 5am?

But despite all the things that frustrate me about Christmas, I still love it.

I love it for the unexpected quiet and peaceful moments, like taking the time to sit in the dark in front of a lit Christmas tree. I love having a reason to celebrate during the darkest time of the year. I love the idea — no matter how unrealistic — of setting aside time each year to give to others.


The challenge of Christmas, in my opinion, is to fight through all that is trite about the holiday and do as James Brown suggests in one my very favorite Christmas songs: Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year.

So I’m going to use this next month to share some of what makes for a meaningful Christmas to me – sort of like an online advent calendar (but without the daily dose of crummy candy).


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