Police Blotters – November 2007

  • 9:34 a.m. – A caller reported a parked vehicle that had been running for 15 minutes with strange sounds coming from the back end.
  • 1:21 a.m. – A caller reported getting attacked by a dog and was “on top of a school bus.” Contact was made with a woman at a nearby address, who said the caller is disabled and bedridden. The man had awakened from a dream and was disoriented earlier, but was OK now, the woman said.
  • 2:03 p.m. – A caller reported hearing someone in the neighborhood banging around on something. Responding deputies discovered the neighbor was setting a crib up for a baby.
  • 8:29 p.m. – A caller from a restaurant reported a drive-through customer who smelled like marijuana.
  • A 10:21 a.m. – A man dialed 911, hung up, and upon callback was very upset over a bear in the area.
  • 2:15 p.m. – A caller reported a homeless person camping inside a green garbage container behind a store.
  • 9:27 p.m. – A caller reported an X-Box had been stolen and switched with the neighbor’s broken X-Box video game system. Deputies contacted both parties and determined the accusation was unfounded. Neither X-Box was working.
  • 6:32 p.m. – Officers responded to a call about a man who was found dead in a tree. The man appeared to have died of natural causes. Once his death was confirmed, the Mortuary was informed.
  • 3:21 p.m. – A boy reported a girl at a local middle school touched his backpack and he wants her arrested.
  • 1:56 p.m. – A man reported finding a spinal cord. He took it home with him and was not sure if it was human or not.
  • 3:58 p.m. — A caller reported dogs attacked her emu.
  • 3:58 a.m. — A caller reported a half naked man trying to sleep in the lobby. The man was admonished before he returned to his room.
  • 12:20 p.m. – A man went into the police station lobby to turn in a knife he said he no longer wanted.
  • 10:26 a.m. – Someone called 911, then hung up. Dispatchers determined a dog accidentally made the call.

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