So Let it Out and Let it In

Even though I’m trading Christmas lists with my family and I started buying a few gifts last month, I’m still not ready to go, ahem, whole hog, for Christmas.

To me, the holiday season begins on December 1st and even though Christmas is already laying it on thick, I’m clinging to these last remaining days of Fall by indulging in some of my favorite Fall treats.

Here are three of my favorite things this time of year:

Mixt Greens Porky Salad

Given that I consider pork to be the king of meats, it probably comes as no surprise that I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to eat two pork products in one meal and the Porky salad offers just that.

Mixt Greens’ aptly named “Porky” salad has both bacon and slices of pork tenderloin, as well as roasted butternut squash, crisp Sonoma apple, spiced walnuts and then they take it totally over the top with a swath of reduced port wine.

Usually when the weather turns cooler, salads lose their appeal, but leave it to Mixt Greens to create the perfect Fall meal.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

One way to keep my spirits bright during the dark days of November is pumpkin ice cream. Happily, there’s a lot of good ones out there: Mitchell’s has a classic, more spice-than-pumpkin flavored ice cream and that you can get with a chocolate dip. (Come December, they’ll have peppermint ice cream which is also quite delicious with a chocolate dip!)

Double Rainbow’s Pumpkin ice cream is very pumpkin-y tasting and Trader Joe’s usually has it in stock this time of year, but Ciao Bella’s tastes just like pumpkin pie to me. It’s one of my very favorites.

There’s a new kid on the ice cream block this year, however: BiRite Creamery, the very best ice cream in town, has a sundae that combines some of my very favorite Fall flavors: gingerbread, pumpkin ice cream, caramel and spiced pecans.

Apple Cider and Bourbon

Making it through these dark times of the year requires alcohol, of course. Mr. WholeHog concocted a true Fall cocktail recently, when he heated some apple cider, added a few spices and a healthy splash of bourbon. It’s delicious, boozy, and it helps me keep warm on cold nights.


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