Too Fast to Really Grasp Though We May Try

Autumn arrives when you aren’t ready for it, when you are still practically drunk on Summer peaches and fresh tomatoes. And then once when you are starting to sink into the Fall, it gets firmly pushed aside by Christmas.

Christmas is already encroaching. Parts of downtown San Francisco are already decorated (to my dismay) and don’t get me started on those lunatics down the street with their ridiculous wreaths and colored lights. Christmas gets plenty of our time, Fall doesn’t.

Fall deserves better. Most of us don’t even notice it. We’re too focused on the holidays or too depressed about how early it gets dark. We start to hibernate, just when we should be getting out more to enjoy this lovely golden light and see the leaves changing color.

You can get a feel for Fall all around the Bay Area. It’s not New England, of course, but I’ve kicked through fallen leaves in Oakland, walked under gingko trees turning a vibrant yellow in SF, and watched the slanting light fall onto the hills of Marin.

But there’s one place where Fall really appears, and it’s not Vermont: it’s Napa. To be honest, just about any wine country will suffice because the drama is in the grape leaves turning rich shades of yellow, red and purple.


By going to Napa, though, you get to see the whole valley quilted with Autumn colors. It’s almost enough to make you almost you forget the Christmas music you heard in the stores. Almost enough to make you venture back outside, despite the short days and the early night.


There’s only a few days left before the holidays really steamroll through, so take what you can get of Autumn, while you can.


One Response to “Too Fast to Really Grasp Though We May Try”

  1. The Hogless Says:

    My students were just asking me why i didn’t take the Fall books out of the holiday / seasonal book basket. I told them it’s still fall for a few weeks even though all the Christmas books have snow on them… and we’re not going to see any snow around here anyway so get used to it 🙂

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