I delight in seeing someone who still proudly sports a mullet. In fact, a highlight of last Saturday’s Farmers Market was spying a curly, two-toned mullet. (I reached for my cell phone to take a picture but this mullet was moving at a surprisingly fast pace, and I was slow on the draw, weighed down by all of our produce purchases.)

As fun as mullet hunting is, it’s almost as fun to actually rock a mullet yourself, and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity.

Mullet wigs are fairly easy to come by, but more crafty people may be able to customize any old wig into a variety of mullet shapes (go to for ideas on colors and styles!). Remember the only rule is that it has to be short in the front and long in the back, or in mullet-lingo, business in the front, party in the back.

I suggest getting a few other items to take your mullet costume to a whole new level — a faded heavy metal t-shirt cut off at the sleeves, perhaps, or overalls also go well with a mullet wig.

My mullet costume includes a fairly standard mullet wig, a fanny pack (formerly owned and worn by my dad!), and what I firmly believe are the world’s worst jeans.

These jeans are acid washed, of course, and with dramatically tapered legs. They feature a high waist and an array of pleats. The pleats paired with the tapered leg draw extreme attention to one’s hips. There are no back pockets. Given all the other features, why bother with back pockets?!

mull1.jpg I believe these incredible jeans cost me $3.50 at a jank Mission thift store. I can’t stop laughing when I wear them and in my experience, other people also find them highly entertaining.

Many people use Halloween as a time to release their Inner Slut, but I firmly believe that the more ridiculous a costume, the better. I have the most fun when I’m wearing something that I would never normally leave the house in. I can’t imagine a sexy Nurse or French maid have as much fun as I have in my mullet!

To the King Ad-Rock, on his birthday.


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