Rave: This American Life podcasts

I am one of the very few people in the world who wasn’t instantly enamored with the ipod. I got one, loaded it up with songs and promptly forgot all about it.

I thought I’d use it on MUNI but I was used to reading the New Yorker on my commute to work, provided there was room on the packed trains to actually pull out my copy and hold it in front of my face. If I remembered the ipod, it was usually out of batteries or else I spent most of my commute untangling the headphones. After a while, I simply left it at home.

If I cared little about the ipod, I cared even less about podcasts. I dismissed podcasts as something for the deeply nerdy. Besides, I’d rather use my ipod for music, I thought to myself. But then I learned that This American Life, a weekly NPR show, had a weekly podcast, and thus, I became enamored with the ipod and This American Life.


(Image from http://www.thislife.org)

Before the podcast, I didn’t regularly tune in to This American Life. I knew it was worth a listen since the show gave people like David Sedaris his start. But it airs on Saturdays in the middle of the day, and I’m not about to schedule my weekend around the radio. These days I only really listen to the radio in my car, and thankfully, I’m not in the car very often. The podcast was the perfect way for me to become a T.A.L. addict.

Now, each week, I look forward to the latest This American Life podcast as much as I look forward to receiving my New Yorker. I’m sure I seem like a crazy person on MUNI, chuckling at funny moments in an episode, or gasping at a surprising turn in someone’s story. Sometimes I don’t even mind the all-too-frequent MUNI delays because that means more time to listen to a particularly absorbing story.

These days, my New Yorkers are piling up – and that’s saying something since I think the New Yorker is one of the best things in life, up there with bacon and swimming in Lake Tahoe — and I no longer leave my ipod at home.

Sign up for the This American Life podcast here.


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