You in Your Autumn Sweater

I know the calendar says it’s Autumn, and SF certainly served up an Autumn dish last week with gray skies, cloudy weather and our first rainfall in ages, but I refuse to accept it.

Even though there’s much that I love about Autumn, I don’t feel ready yet. I dread how early it will get dark, how the night eats into my days. I rue the thought of spending another winter in our drafty, poorly insulated SF apartment. I grimaced at having to carry (and use!) an umbrella this past Saturday.

I try to remind myself about all that I like about Autumn – the crisp, clear days; pumpkin readily available in everything from ice cream to lattes to soaps; trips to the wine country to see the vines turn gold; my birthday – but none of that made me feel any better about the colder months ahead as we trudged home from Saturday farmers market in the rain.

But on Sunday, standing in a field of sugar pie pumpkins at Mariquita Farms, I started to feel downright excited about Autumn.


There would be pumpkins and pumpkin pies. There would be roasts from the Fatted Calf and Marin Sun is raising their first turkeys this year. We will drink more red wine. We will cook more, knowing that the best place to be on colder, darker nights in a drafty SF apartment is in front of the stove.


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