Fast & Fiber-rific

I try to eat as locally as possible, but there are few foods that I haven’t been able to find locally. Peanuts, for example, don’t appear to be grown in California but I can’t live without peanut butter (especially during apple season!).

But at least peanut butter is produced in the U.S., unlike my Irish oats. I don’t know of any steel-cut oats from California and that’s a shame because Irish oats make for a delicious, fiber-rific breakfast.

Aside from the food miles, the problem with steel cut-oats is cooking time. These oats usually require at least 30 minutes to cook, and my weekday mornings don’t come with an extra 30 minutes to spare.

But thanks to Mr. WholeHog’s mom, we have a nifty trick for making practically instant steel-cut oatmeal: we use a thermos. Before we go to bed, we combine boiling water and oatmeal in a thermos and cap it. In the morning, we open the thermos, pour out the perfectly cooked oatmeal and top as desired.

I usually crave oatmeal on cold mornings and this week marked the return of SF’s cold, cloudy mornings, but it’s worth eating on even the most blindingly sunny mornings, too, because this time of year, you can top it with the end of the season raspberries and chunks of crisp Fall apples.



2 Responses to “Fast & Fiber-rific”

  1. Clumsy Says:

    Wow, that thermos tip is great? It really works? Usually I end up cooking the oats before bed, sometimes having to stay up later than usual to finish them!

  2. wholehog Says:

    It does work! We’ve experimented a little with more or less water (sometimes it was a little watery, sometimes a little glue-y) but most of the time, it works like a charm.

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