And Then We Came to Summer*

Some people are hoping for summer to end (an East Coast blogger recently wrote, “I’m so tired of summer”), and the media thinks Labor Day signals the end of the season.

But I’m here to tell you that in SF, summer is alive and well. It came to SF last week, bringing 70+ degree days.

We slept with only sheets and the windows open wide. We left our stuffy apartment and wandered out into the warm night. We waited in line for the best ice cream in town.

We sat on the deck at night and watched the moon pull up over Liberty Hill. We sat on the deck during the day, an especially quirky NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle spread across our knees.

We ate BLTs. We aged a white wine too long. We opened another bottle. We preserved the summer by blanching sweet summer corn and freezing it for when the season changes, when the fog comes back, even if it’s later this week. Even if it’s tonight.

We knew summer was here because even the Inner Sunset, our old ‘hood, was sunny and it’s usually one of the foggier areas of the City.


We returned to the places we loved in our old neighborhood, picking up breakfast (and lunch) from Arizmendi Bakery and going to the arboretum (now called Strybing Botanical Gardens). We found a clearing and spread out a blanket, half in sun, half in shade, and read the Sunday paper. We pretended we were on vacation.

But by Monday, we were anxious. The days were slipping by too fast and with too little to show for them. Work was approaching soon.

We were grateful, though, to be on the coast, at the beginning of our Indian Summer, and free from the panicked feeling that summer is over and we haven’t done enough.

*Inspired by Joshua Ferris


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