How to Improve MUNI

Another day, another painful MUNI experience.

This morning is a warm one by SF standards (76!) and I was stuck in the tunnel on a packed train without no air conditioning.

The key word here is THE tunnel. In SF, all underground trains run through the same tunnel so a problem with one line causes the whole underground system to back up.

And there are often problems in the tunnel, ranging from a mere broken door to the more serious broken computer system. (The trains operate on a computerized system in the tunnels).

The single tunnel means that San Francisco’s public transportation system is never going to be reliable. One problem will always affect the whole underground system.

I know it must be prohibitively expensive to drill tunnels, especially in an earthquake-prone area but it has to happen sometime and I suggest it start immediately with the help of MUNI riders.

Dear MUNI,

Please make equipment available so that the next time I’m delayed in the tunnel and fuming, I can grab a pick axe and take out my anger and frustration by hacking away at a new tunnel.


Fed Up MUNI Rider


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