Only in SF

There are times when I love the freakiness of San Francisco.

Seeing Frank Chu is often the highlight of my morning commute (provided that he isn’t in his ranting and raving mode and is simply marching along with his fascinating sign). A man dressed in a pink unitard riding a unicycle? Well, that sort of thing makes my whole day.

ringletsmall.jpg As does running into the Castro’s very own Hasidic (the photo was taken quite brazenly, if I do say so myself, with my camera phone).

But even I have my limits and my limits have been crossed lately. If you don’t want to venture into the deep end of San Francisco’s freakiness, stop reading right here. It’s going to get ugly….and naked.

Let’s get the nudity out of the way first: a naked yoga guy is running for mayor and he recently made a full public appearance at City Hall, documented here. The first pic has a strategically placed lightening bolt, but if you scroll down….well let’s just say I don’t advise scrolling down.

Local politics are behind the antics of another Looney Tune: a man named Walter has appeared at two meetings of the SF Board of Supervisors meetings where he has serenaded the Board with versions of Madonna’s “Borderline” and Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walkin'”.

Good ol’ Walt revised both songs so they referenced the unfortunately named Ed Jew, a beleaguered “local” politician, leading to such lines as “You just keep on pushing Supervisor Ed Jew over the borderline”.

Thankfully, this insanity has also been documented. Click here to listen to “These Boots”. Click here for “Borderline”.

The singing may be more uncomfortable to watch than naked yoga.


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