50 Cups of Coffee and You Know It’s On

I require coffee every morning and it must be a rich, tasty cup.


I can’t cope with most of the scalding, burnt-tasting brew that is frequently served as coffee, probably because I’ve been so spoiled by Mr. WholeHog.

Mr. WholeHog is obsessed with coffee. I sometimes wonder if it’s an illness, particularly when I found him watching YouTube videos of people pulling shots of espresso. But then I have a cup of his delicious coffee and decide that I can live — quite happily, actually — with this illness. In fact, the world would be a better place if more people caught the coffee bug.

I haven’t made coffee for myself since we’ve lived together. Most mornings, like this morning, I’m asked what kind of coffee preparation I’d like: French press? Espresso? Chemex? Individual drip coffee? Coffee concentrate?

I’ve been trip planning recently and the need for good coffee is a real challenge. The Delocator offers an alternative to Starbucks, but it doesn’t necessarily guide you to alternatives that have good coffee.

Certain cities make it easy on us coffee addicts drinkers.

Portland, for example, was a breeze. We stayed in the fabulous Ace Hotel which has Stumptown coffee available right off the lobby. When I ordered a cup, I was asked what beans I wanted the coffee brewed from. (I went with Rwandan the first day and, I think, Brazilian the next).

But we don’t always travel to areas that are so serious about their coffee.

NYC was initially a struggle, but numerous trips have paid off. Joe’s will always be my first NYC coffee love. I love walking down Waverly Place and I love the close proximity to Babbo. But I’m grateful to Cafe Grumpy for opening a location in Chelsea which is closer to my sister’s pilates class.

And yet despite the often futile search for delicious coffee, I can’t bring myself to copy my parents who travel everywhere with their Melitta. That Melitta is like the gnome in the movie Amelie. It’s probably better traveled than I am.


One Response to “50 Cups of Coffee and You Know It’s On”

  1. lsanders47 Says:

    I was never able to get through a day as a school librarian w/o my extra large cup of hazelnut coffee from a local coffee/bagel hangout–better than Starbucks or Panerra which are in close proximity. Sometimes I wouldn’t finish it until the end of the day–sometimes I would add ice at brunch–I was required to “eat” at 10:30. Thank goodness I enjoyed teaching b/c the pay is horrrible and professionals are mostly likely treated like a children. Will highly educated people chose a career in education? I think not–and if they do they should have free premium java as part of their compensation package.

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