I’m becoming an Etsy addict. is an online shop dedicated to “all things handmade.” It’s where independent designers, crafters and artists sell their wares. It’s part flea market, part trunk show.

There’s always something I like – a card, a pillow, a pair of earrings, a kitchen towel. Each visit brings a new find, like these hilarious re-fashioned vintage plates I came across recently, or these lovely hair pins.

The sellers are often really talented, their prices are totally reasonable and often shipping is free or just a few bucks.

For the last couple of months, I’ve had something arriving almost weekly. It started with this great t-shirt of the SF skyline made by someone, oddly enough, in Philadelphia. Then there were cards that I bought even if I didn’t yet have a person or an occassion for them.

Lately, I’ve been on a vintage earring kick. My initial pair perked up every boring item of clothing in my closet, so I bought a second pair and I considered purchased a third.

The charm of Etsy continues even after your order’s been placed. Many sellers enclose a handwritten thank you note with your order, and often, like in the package I received yesterday, there’s an extra thank you gift as well — a second pair of earrings, perhaps, or another card.


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