Going Home

After nearly a week of classic San Francisco foggy weather, the sun came back the day we’re heading out of town. Darn you SF!

But we’re heading to sunnier climes anyway. We’re going home for a mini summer vacation. We’re hoping to do all the things we loved about our childhood summers in the foothills, like falling asleep to the sounds of crickets, eating tomatoes freshly picked from the garden, and swimming in the river.


I say we because Mr. WholeHog and I grew up in neighboring towns. We went to the same high school and can trace our first meeting back to Driver’s Ed. (Could there be a less romantic class to meet in? Driver’s Ed was one of those horrible state-required classes, taught in a portable class room by a teacher who seemed to believe it was still 1970 — and had the hair and wardrobe to prove it.)

Being from the same area means that family visits are really easy for us. I feel sorry for couples that have to split up over the holidays or who have to choose which family to be with on special occasions. We don’t have to worry about that.

We do have to worry, though, about running into people we know. It’s the nature of a small town and it’s one of the very reasons I don’t live in a small town anymore. I don’t want to chat when I’m grocery shopping but yes, that’s right! We were in the same 3rd grade class. Oh really, you have 12 kids? Terrific!

It can be a little awkward to run into people from high school who you haven’t kept in contact with and realize that they don’t know that 10 years after graduation, you hooked up with the guy who sat next to you in Driver’s Ed.


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