Try to be Less Uptight, Try to be More Aware

Last weekend, my right hand was smudged with ink. I wore it proudly since the hand stamps marked me as someone that didn’t just go straight home after work to spend the evening in front of the TV last week.

Instead, we were thoroughly entertained at Porchlight’s 5th anniversary, and then caught Yo La Tengo at Bimbo’s for KUSF’s 30th anniversary benefit. Add in our weekly excursion to the farmers market on Saturday and our monthly trip to the flea market in Alameda, and I felt like we were truly taking advantage of all that living in SF has to offer.

It doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Some events I miss out of sheer laziness. Once I head home from work, I have a hard time motivating back out into the world. (And given MUNI’s infrequent service, I’m hesitant to go anywhere that requires more than one MUNI bus or train).

Other events I miss because I didn’t get the news early enough to get tickets. The trouble is that everyone wants to go to the same events and some of the best stuff in the city sells out quickly.

Yesterday, I got an email announcing this fall’s City Arts & Lectures series and naturally, one prize event this fall was already sold out. Who wouldn’t want to see some of the most important food people in the country (Alice Waters, Calvin Trillin and Ruth Reichl) on the same stage?! Luckily, I was able to get tickets — a full six months in advance — to see Steve Martin.

In keeping with my goal of the getting out of the house more often, the next day I picked up tickets for Avenue Q. We aren’t usually into musicals, but this one, I hear, is a little more my style. One of the characters sings a song that reminds me of when I first moved to SF: “What Do You Do with a BA in English?”


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