Rave: Tacos

Tacos could be the most perfect food. I prefer a taco to a burrito any day – unless of course we’re talking about a machaca burrito at La Posta in San Diego. But at most taquerias, I stick with the tacos and I’m even happier at a taco truck. I’ve told Mr. WholeHog that if we ever decide to get married, I would seriously consider having a taco truck at the reception.

We’ve been making our own tacos lately and they’ve become a weekly staple. They are easy, fast and especially delicious because we make our own tortillas. Mr. WholeHog bought me a tortilla press last year for my birthday (I recommend it!) and we get masa from Primavera at the Farmers Market. It’s a whole lotta masa (3 lbs!) and we never use it all.

Fresh masa makes great tortillas and great tortillas lead to great meals. There are lots of possibilities: for breakfast, we’ll have tortillas with beans, eggs and avocado; for dinner, tacos with Fatted Calf’s Mexican chorizo or Marin Sun Farms steak.

Last weekend, we used Diana Kennedy’s instructions and made sopes — essentially thicker tortillas with pinched edges. They almost seem like a little plate for your toppings. We topped our sopes with beans, chorizo and potatoes.



One Response to “Rave: Tacos”

  1. natalie Says:

    Those sopes look fantastic! I love photos of food and can’t wait to see more on your site 🙂

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