A Little Help from Our Friends

It can be hard for Mr. WholeHog and I to find friends that we both like equally, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have one couple that we both adore. They are the sort of friends that you happily drop everything when they call. A week or so ago, we considered going to a movie. But the phone rang: it was our friend, who was in San Francisco and had had a rough day. So instead of the movie, we jumped in the car to pick her up, opened a bottle of wine and ordered pizza. Her husband and their baby showed up shortly after.

They are the sort of friends that when they are at our house or we are at their house, it doesn’t feel like we are visiting. It feels just as comfortable as being at home. When they were new parents, they brought their little guy over and mom and baby crashed out for a nap on our bed. I loved that.

We live across the bay from these friends so it’s relatively easy for us to see each other regularly. But working in academia, I learned, means not necessarily staying in one place. So even though, they love their East Bay life, they’re moving. I knew the move would probably happened this year, but I still got tears in my eyes hearing that we might have as little as three months before they leave.

They aren’t going very far so we comfort ourselves by talking about all the places we could meet between San Francisco and Oregon, we talk about how much we’ll learn about Oregon by visiting them, we talk about all the good Oregon wine we can drink there, we talk about how this is a good step for them and what a great adventure it will be. But I’m still sad.


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