Summer in the City

A summer day in San Francisco makes you want to cancel all your plans or call in sick to work so that you can sit on your deck, surrounded by the flowers and herbs your boyfriend tends, in a sun hat that should have been replaced years ago, and read.

I don’t want to make you jealous since you may not have a deck where you live, especially a deck that overlooks gardens that are starting to flower, or a deck with a view of charming little houses set into the hills that opens up to include the Bay Bridge and part of the downtown skyline.

Some people head to the beach or the park when the weather is warm, but when you have a deck like ours, you can get that same vacation feeling without leaving home.


I think San Franciscans appreciate a warm sunny day more than most people because they’re rare and often unexpected. We don’t get the 3-4 months of summer weather. Our seasons last a few days, some times only a few hours. You can wake up in winter and by noon, it may feel like springtime, or you may head to work under sunny skies only to watch the fog roll in.

Last week, I made the classic novice SF mistake: I looked out my office window, saw that it was sunny and left without my jacket. Within a few blocks, I realized I’d made a mistake but I held out hope since it’s usually warmer at the Tuesday farmer’s market. But no such luck: the cold wind brought tears to my eyes and kicked up my allergies so that I was sniffling and practically weeping as I shopped. And yet I had to laugh at myself. This last May marked my 8th year in San Francisco — you’d think I’d have learned by now never to go outside without a jacket.

A week later, it’s a balmy 75 degrees and the jacket I carted around with me all day was never put to use.


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