The Best Part of My Week

The best part of my week is the Saturday Farmers Market. We get up early and I often struggle with that. We take MUNI and god knows I struggle with that, too. But once we’re there, I’m so happy.

We’ve been regulars at the market for only the last few years but we already have people we look forward to seeing, stands that we return to year after year. Each week, there’s something new to try or a new stand to visit or an old favorite returning to the market. Last week, we bought our first tomatoes and stone fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines). This week, thanks to a food blogger’s post, we bought Della Fattoria’s panforte. It looks a little gummy with a bunch of whole almonds glued into it but it’s delicious. Nutty and sweet with the pronounced taste of lemon zest.

When you go to the market year round as we do, you get the added benefit of seeing produce come in and out of season. Two weeks ago, there were maybe 2 stands selling stone fruit and the fruit was golf ball sized. This weekend, there were tons of options for stone fruit and the fruit were the size of tennis balls. And of course everything is so fresh: I bought potatoes, some still caked with dirt, that were dug up just yesterday.

We’ve been binge-ing on berries: olallieberries are a favorite of mine and only one stand sells them. Strawberries are incredible right now. Raspberries take me back to being a child and eating them off the bush in our backyard. I used to think blueberries were only good in muffins but now I eat them by the handful and I drop them into my oatmeal in the morning.

San Francisco, of course, doesn’t have the steamy summer that much of the country enjoys but we’re eating as if it’s summer anyway: even though the fog rolls in at night and temps drop into the 50s, we’re eating salads with beets and goat cheese, crostini with fresh ricotta and favas, plates of tomatoes with olive oil and vinegar.


One Response to “The Best Part of My Week”

  1. Tea Says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! (and pleased you gave the panforte a try). Wish I could jet in from Seattle to go to the market and buy some myself (sigh). Isn’t the market a lovely wonder. I miss it.

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